Inside the VC Mind: Tim Draper


Ever wonder what’s going on inside the mind of Venture Capitalists? Tim Draper and Anna Vital are taking us through the mind of the VC. They have found that Venture Capitalists don’t like to play it safe. Small markets are not interesting to them. Instead, they go after billion-dollar markets where companies can have hyper growth. Also, they look for people who are smarter than they are to team up with and create networks. Draper invested in 400 companies. Of those, many succeeded but only a handful became superstars. Venture capitalists, don’t let those numbers stop you from striving for being number one, and never settle for being number two.


About the author: Lauren Harrity

Lauren is a recent graduate of Cal State Fullerton where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Writing is her passion and she is currently looking to build a career as a writer or editor.

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