New York City Vs. Everywhere Else, By The Numbers


Did you know that there are more people in New York than there are vegetarians in the United States? Put that in your hummus and smoke it.

If you are a real New Yorker, you’ll tweet this:

The length of NYC subway tracks is equivalent to the distance between NYC and Chicago  TWEET THIS
New Yorkers spend 3x the national average on rent  TWEET THIS
1/38 people in the US lives in NYC  TWEET THIS
More people ride the subway in day than the entire population of LA  TWEET THIS
Manhattan nearly doubles in population during the workday to 3.1M  TWEET THIS
NYC is 303 square miles TWEET THIS
There are more people in NYC than there are vegetarians in the US  TWEET THIS
There are more people on the subway in any given moment than there are in Boulder  TWEET THIS
8.3M people live in NYC  TWEET THIS



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