NYC BigApps Finalist Nfoshare: The Platform that Answers the Question, “How’m I Doing?”



Of course, that was the catch phrase of former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, and it may just be the app that keeps students engaged at school – and helps to cut down on the drop out rate.

A finalist in the NYC BigApps learn and work categories, Nfoshare is a real time sentiment analytics platform for the educational space that can project drop out rates for students and other factors, like loneliness, and student likes and dislikes. And an app that helps keeps students engaged and helps teachers to see what the potential problem points are is definitely something that’s worth further study.

Co-founders Nikhil Joseph Paul (People Person) and Joshua Shane Martin (Problem Solver) are here to teach us all a thing or two about how real-time feedback helps. (And so did being a NYC Big Apps Finalist!)

Tell us about the product or service.

Nfoshare is a mini-survey that creates small moments of emotional connection. It’s an employee/student feedback tool that’s also a mini private social network for them to connect on their shared real-time experiences and emotions.

How is it different?

There are surveys and old-school social networks that schools and companies use, but we focus on creating a new type of a social network. One based on real-time emotional connections with just one click and using that to give actionable insights to its stakeholders.

What market are you attacking and how big is it?

We’re targeting the $47 Billion spent on employee recognition and engagement.

What gave you the idea to combine data with education?

Back in college, I observed the unique connections between us all, forged by the mutual experience of being in the same class and studying for the same exams. If an app can make those connections between the individuals in any group striving for a tough goal in a quick, personalized and consistent manner, we will be able to grab real-time data on their emotional statuses and engagement.

What is the business model?

Monthly Subscription or Annual SaaS Licenses for access to our service and data.

Tell us about your experience with NYC Big Apps thus far.

It has been great getting to meet and see all the different apps and startups out there working on products that could soon potentially be ubiquitous tools for New Yorkers.

In which category is your app and why is your app the best in that category?

Our app is in the education and work categories, as it’s malleable enough to be used in an educational cohort or an employee workforce. This is because our focus is on a group’s emotional dynamics and connections.

Why is New York the place to launch your particular app?

Given its existing inveterate industries and its base of ambitious migrants, the city’s recent years of openness and encouragement for tech innovation and startups has now made it a perfect environment for the entrepreneur to take an idea from inception to maturity very fast.

What would winning NYC Big Apps mean for your company?

In addition to the funds which would help us build out our mobile app and team, we would get visibility in front of some key movers and shakers in the city, who could potentially be open to using this in their organizations.

If you could be put in touch with one investor in the New York community who would it be and why?

Michael Katz

Where’s the best place to eat at 1am in New York?

Kati Rolls

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