The 12 Hot NYC Startups That Killed It at DreamIt Demo Day

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Tourlandish is an on-demand marketplace for local activities and experiences, that gives new meaning to the phrase, Where do you want to go today?  Tourlandish let’s travelers book last-minute tours, activities and experiences in 3 taps and under a minute. And at exclusive discounted prices. Last minute will do that. They went live last month and have already booked 25 vendors, over 150 experiences, and have partnered with a dozen hotels (that’s where the travelers are).

Traffic has been growing 80%, week over week. Why wouldn’t it? It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s spontaneous. It’s not the same old, same old that tour guides offer.

Locals are discovering it, too. They’re New York only right now, and offers all of the things that New Yorker have a hard time turning down: adventure, discovery, immediacy – and bargains.

Tourlandish features food tours, walking tours, cruises, theater tickets (at 50% off, no less, and you make your own seat selection) – everything but restaurants. Most popular activities to date: kayaking, skydiving, and a Long Island adventure park. Who knew?

Discovery has been through word of mouth, and they’re also incentivizing users to share by way of credits towards their next adventure. Sending out a small army of interns to tourist attractions helped, too, especially since Tourlandish offers adventures that tour directors don’t. Plus, if/when the weather suddenly changes and puts a damper on the Plans du Jour, simple open up the Tourlandish app and in under a minute, new itinerary and problem solved.

The team hails from Bangalore and applied to a few accelerators, but at soon as they received their acceptance from Dreamit, done deal. They had 20 days to sort out their visas and get to New York. Good training for a company that specializes in last minute adventures.

They know how to get it done – at a discount, no less.

New York is their new world headquarters, and since working with advertisers is in the game plan, what better place to be?  They also plan to expand to other East Coast cities, including Miami, Orlando and DC.

Ah, the money part: no cash is ever exchanged. Tourlandish uses Stripe for all payments and takes a 20% commission from each activity that’s booked. Available on Android and iOS.

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