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We Bet You Can’t Guess How Many Companies at the August NY Tech Meetup Mentioned Tinder


Anyone who tries to snag one knows how difficult it is to get a ticket to the New York Tech Meetup. This month, half the room was filled with first-timers. Could be because it’s August and the regulars who know how to work the system were all on vacation. Or maybe they were watching it via live feed from the comfort of their homes, where they could both check out the goings-on and hang on Tinder at the same time, because as we know, the wireless at the NYTM is – let’s be nice and just say it would awesome were a reliable wireless network to be made available at one of the premier tech events in NYC, especially when a hashtag is provided. We mention Tinder because many of the presenting companies did. Or no doubt wanted to, so we did our best here to do it for them. Onward to the presentations…


About the author: Bonnie Halper

Bonnie Halper is Editor-in-Chief of AlleyWatch and also writes and curates the StartupOneStop.com newsletter, which focuses on startups and entrepreneurs, and is currently being read in 50+ countries around the world.

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