10 Reasons Why You Must Get Your .nyc Domain Right Now

10 Reasons Why You Must Get Your .nyc Domain Right Now


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You only have until October 3rd for the Land Rush phase for dot nyc domains. This is a priority phase that allows early access to any New York City-based companies to request an available domain. So why is it worth your valuable time?

Here are 10 points to think about:

1. .nyc is one of the most anticipated new domain extensions to launch in recent history.

2. Don’t miss the next digital gold rush. The Land Rush phase ends October 3rd, and the land rush is on.

3. Protect your brand identity for a few bucks. You want to reserve your domain before someone else does.

4. .nyc domain names are available and easily memorable. Preferred dot com domains are hard to get. You’re tired of having to get creative with a name – and having to spell out the URL each and every time.

5. You’re are a part of the greatest tech ecosystem in New York – and proud of it. Show your love with a .nyc.

6. Everyone knows it’s about location, location, location. And there is no better location than NYC.

7. Now’s is a once and a lifetime opportunity to reserve the .nyc domain of your choice.

8. You have a location-sensitive business in NYC – say, a brick and mortar. Let the world – and potential customers – know it.

9. It’s cache, baby.

10. The last time we saw a bargain like this was when Manhattan was purchased for $24. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of NYC digital real estate.

Don’t’ waste any more time and don’t risk losing out. Get your .nyc here now!

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