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20 Largest Funding Rounds in NYC History

20 Largest Funding Rounds in NYC History

The 20 Largest Funding Rounds in NYC.001

Armed with some publicly available data from our friends at CrunchBase, we’ve broken down the 20 largest fundings of all time in NYC across all rounds. I have included some additional information as well, such as year of funding, industry, investors in the round, and current status of the company, to further the analysis. In order to maintain a focus on conventional tech startups, pharmaceutical and biotech companies were removed from the data.

Quick Findings:

9 out of the 20 largest rounds in NYC history were raised in 2014 TWEET THIS
E-commerce and Advertising stole the show in the 20 largest funding rounds in NYC history TWEET THIS
3 out of the 20 companies that raised the largest stage rounds in NYC have exited through acquisition TWEET THIS
2 out of 20 of the companies that have raised the largest rounds in NYC are raising now at >$1B valuation.  TWEET THIS




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