5 Apps You Need In Your Life


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What would we be like without our smartphones? Besides a little less lazy, probably a lot busier, and lost without the aid of Google Maps. On that note, I present five new apps which will help make your day run faster and smoother (or at least make it more entertaining).

  1.  Somebody

Those not acquainted with quirky director/actress/all round creative Miranda July are in for a treat with her recently launched app, ‘Somebody’. Based on the idea that when you can’t be there somebody else can, the service is a way to deliver messages to people you know through other people who are geographically close by. The kind of message (and the way you want it conveyed) is completely up to you. Users inform the deliverer who the message is from, and how it must be performed – example “Sasha – It’s Tom [gentle tone] – I’m really sorry but I won’t be able to make dinner tonight.” From awkward conversations with co-workers to crushing break ups, a whole host of potentially awkward scenarios can be avoided!

  1. Capsule.fm

Imagine the scene – it’s Monday morning and the start of the dreaded working week. Your alarm clock rings and you wake up not to the sound of an annoying alarm jingle or screeching radio song choice but the sound of your very own personalised audio stream! With Capsule.fm you can choose to wake up informed or entertained with news, weather, music or trivia brought to you by the voices of the future (i.e. realistic artificial ones by the names of Miranda and Carl, both with personalities). With an easy to use interface perfect for those early morning, bleary eyed phone encounters, this is an app set to become as big a part of your morning ritual as that life saving cup of coffee.

  1.  Lottoland

They say that luck comes in threes, but what to do when you’re having that all elusive lucky day but don’t have time to buy your lottery ticket? Use the Lottoland UK app instead! Not only can you choose your lottery numbers from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you and your smartphone may be) but also receive special offers, discounts and notifications of any wins. Who doesn’t want to become a millionaire on the go?!

  1. happn

Move over Tinder, the crown for hottest new dating app in town has been given to happn, the app which lets you communicate with people you’ve crossed paths with. Whether you’ve spotted your potential future husband in the frozen aisle at the supermarket or would really like to say hey to that woman you see every day on the morning commute, happn allows users to connect with other users who’ve been nearby. Users who like each other can then chat, bringing that potentially missed connection after a minute of smouldering eye contact to fruition.

  1. 1 Second Everyday

1 Second Everyday does exactly what it says on the tin, helping users record one second of every day of their lives. After the founder completed the challenge for a year with amazing results a successful crowd-funding project got the app off the ground, and now thousands of users are capturing those precious memories we can easily forget. A one year video of every day of your life lasts just six minutes, meaning you could capture an entire decade of your existence in an hour. What a film!

Image credit: CC by Johan Larsson




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