Meet the 4 NYC Startups Who Pitched to Ellie Wheeler at Entrepreneurs Roundtable

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Ellie Wheeler

The best way to get a meeting with Ellie Wheeler of Greycroft Partners is if it’s through a warm introduction. If you’re unsure as to what such a thing would entail, don’t worry: it isn’t nearly as daunting as it sounds. All it means is that Wheeler is more likely to see an entrepreneur if has  been introduced by someone she trusts.

It also helps if you attend events like Entrepreneurs Roundtable, where Wheeler was the latest guest investor, and where she readily answered questions during the Q&A – and made herself available afterwards.

Things to know about Ellie Wheeler:

  1. Prior to her work at Greycroft, she evaluated opportunities at Lowercase Capital.
  2. Prior to that, she worked at Cisco in Corporate Development.
  3. She also worked briefly at DN Capital, a London-based firm, which had a focus on early stage ecommerce companies.

Currently based in New York City, Wheeler’s focus is on B2B, B2C commerce innovation, marketplaces and mobile applications.

Here are the four companies who pitched to her at the August Entrepreneurs Roundtable


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About the author: John Zurz

John graduated from Queens College in 2013. A lifelong New Yorker he has had articles featured in both print and online publications.

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