The Dot NYC Domain Land Rush is On – Get Yours Before October 3rd!

The Dot NYC Domain Land Rush is On – Get Yours Before October 3rd!


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We’ve been hearing about it for some time, and it’s finally happening. The dot nyc domain is officially available, but domains won’t be available forever. From now through October 3rd is the Land Rush phase, a priority phase when anyone can request an available domain. So if you’ve got your Made in NYC, and your We Are New York Tech, it’s time to spell it out for the entire world to see with your .nyc domain.

But better not wait too long.

The .nyc is one of the most anticipated new domain extensions to launch this year, and a testament to the rise of New York as a technology capital. The Land Rush phase allows early access to New York City-based companies who want to register a .nyc domain name. You will pay a slightly higher price, but will also increase your chances of getting the domain of your choice. In this phase, anyone can request a domain and if two applicants request the same one, they will go to auction to determine the final registrant. The other applicant will be reimbursed $20.

The land grab has already started. With the dot com domain reaching its saturation point, it’s an opportunity to not only be directly identified with the burgeoning New York tech and tech-enabled community: it’s also a chance to grab the domain you really want, without having to add extra vowels – or dropping them completely – and literally have to spell out your URL each and every time you mention your company’s web address.

“It’s caché,” said Gerardo Aristizabal, Managing Director of hellodotnyc.  “It’s dot-nyc and only New Yorkers can have it. And it’s such an important community. This new domain emphasizes the locality of services available here. It also gives value to how you identify your digital personality.”

HelloDotNYC is an official domain registration service for .nyc names. The parent company, Hello Internet Corp, was instrumental in the relaunch of the .CO domain extension through retail and wholesale registration services worldwide.

The launch of .nyc domains is an unprecedented opportunity to make your idea, business or venture part of the .nyc digital space. Branding your web presence in accordance with your location is the heart and spirit of the extension – it’s exclusive and it’s localized.  New Yorkers can now be part of their own digital space, and yes, you do have to be a New Yorker to qualify. Registrants must provide a valid New York City address in any one of the five boroughs, not a post office box or virtual office. Sorry, New Jersey and Connecticut. Close, but not close enough.

And of course, co-working spaces count.

Some of the .nyc domains were already granted as Founders domains, including the Brooklyn Music Festival, the Flatiron 23rd Street Partnership, the classic jazz club Birdland, Staten Island’s Maker Space, and of course, Times Square’s official New Year’s Eve site, and Gothamist (great place for discovering the city’s less known museums – or where to find the best dumplings), to name just a few.

There are still plenty of domains available, but you just know that the coveted ones (looking for pizza.nyc?) will be gone in a New York minute. It does make it a lot easier to find out who’s where – like when you’re searching for a doctor or dentist – or dev shop.

And speaking of registering your dot nyc, hellodotnyc is based here in NYC, and nothing like supporting the home team.

So grab your dot nyc – and welcome to the neighborhood!

Image credit: CC by Justin Brown

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