These Foreign Startups Are Hoping to Come in For a Landing in NYC

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VC panel

High in the clouds of New York City, a number of early-stage companies pitched to a panel of investors, each startup hoping to make a landing in American markets.

Launched in February of 2011, the Global Innovator Program, sets out to help New York Investors tap into worthwhile investments into international start-ups that they would normally not consider.

Hosted in Dentons’ offices and MCed by Dina Gusovsky, a producer at CNBC, the recent session consisted of several companies pitching their start-ups to a panel of VC’s. The format of the event is not entirely unlike the popular show Shark Tank, itself a transplant from the British TV markets.

“The show has become a phenomenon as of late, but the show is not new so I think it reflects the reality that we live in where corporate America is slowly dying off and people like yourselves are really coming to the forefront. We live in a world where people are taking their schedules and their destinies into their own hands,” said Gusovsky.

The panel itself was made up of Eliot Durbin, a General Partner at BOLDstart Ventures; Ellie Wheeler, a Principal at Greycroft Partners; Andrew Cleland, a Managing Director at Comcast Ventures; and Paul Cianciolo, Vice-President at FirstMark Capital.

While the event was for investors and entrepreneurs to get a taste of what’s going on overseas, it was also a way for the panel of VCs to get feedback on how they give feedback. At the end of the presentations and after all the feedback had been given, the audience would vote on not only the best pitch–the company they would most like to have equity in–but also the VC who delivered the best feedback.

So, without further adieu, and because it’s probably what you clicked on this article to read about in the first place, here are the start-ups that pitched.




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About the author: John Zurz

John graduated from Queens College in 2013. A lifelong New Yorker he has had articles featured in both print and online publications.

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