Why Smart Watches Will Time Out


Smart watches were supposed to be the next latest-and-greatest line of digital devices. The new thing, the hot trend, the must have, the popular fad. Sadly though, this particular type of device doesn’t have much appeal to the majority of consumers.

An infographic by DPFOC provides all the information necessary to understand why the smart watches are on the way out, even before they had the chance to really make their way in. The underlying factor in determining the success of the smart watch is that it is still a watch, and so must have success with those that wear watches. Only 1 in 7 people today own a watch and more women wear watches than do men. Women typically view watches as a fashion accessory, and smart watches are, needless to say, not very fashionable.

That alone makes it a tough sell.

Not only does the smart watch lack style, but it also fails when it comes to functionality and value. For almost the same price as the average smart phone, the smart watch completely underperforms. Its performance and features are noticeably inferior to the iPhone and other smart phones, what with their lesser quality cameras, smaller displays and a weak speakers, just to name a few features. Not to mention the cost of having to create multiple sizes to fit the wrists of men, women and children. As of now, the smart watches cannot compare to the smart phones that we’ve become so accustomed to. But even if developers do make strides in improving the performance and functionality of the smart watches, it would be very difficult to compete with the very popular and extremely successful smart phones that have become so iconic among both younger and older generations.

Why Smart Watches Will Time Out Infographic DK

About the author: Dan Kauffman

Dan Kauffman recently graduated from Rutgers University in NJ with a BA in Journalism and Media Studies. Dan is now pursuing a career in the journalism field.

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