8 Ways The Alley and Valley Cultures Differ



Alley and Valley start-up differences only begin with their coastal locations. This is why NYC-based Tapad and SF-based Quantcast teamed up to figure out just how similar the two startups meccas were. Their findings show that NYC startups drink 200 more milliliters of caffeine than their Valley counterparts. However, 63% of Valley startups take less than 30 minutes to get to work, a percentage that is lower than in the NYC. Halal food trucks are to New Yorkers what apple pie is to America, while 39% of Valley-ites prefer Mex-Cal for their on-the-go bites. Most Valley startups love their beer, while Gotham likes their hard liquor. However, if there is one thing that binds these startup cultures together, it is their love of iPhones: 66% of the Alley and 69% of the Valley prefer IPhones to Androids.

This infographic takes a closer look at some of the differing statistics:

Alley Valley Infographic - Tapad + Quantcast 2014


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About the author: Stephanie Kariuki

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