A New York VC Spotlight: Charlie Kemper



Charlie Kemper is a life-long entrepreneur and seasoned investor, dealing mainly with the infrastructure and digital media sectors.

Kemper is currently a Founding Managing Director at Revel Partners, an early-expansion stage investment group based in New York City. This close team of entrepreneurs and investors are “focused on financing disruptive innovation in the areas of digital media and Internet technology,” according to the Revel Partners’ website.

In addition to his current work at Revel Partners, Kemper is a Co-Founder and General Partner at Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) and a Venture Partner at Tigerlabs.

Before the launch of Revel Partners in February 2011, Kemper was a Principal with Steelpoint Capital Partners (sub of Moore Capital Management), a venture capital & growth equity firm operating out of San Diego, Menlo Park, and New York City.

Earlier, Kemper worked with Darby Overseas Investments, a global private equity firm. Here he helped to launch a new technology-focused seed-stage investment vehicle and assisted in early-stage investment opportunities in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina.

Prior to his work with Darby, Kemper was the Co-founder and Managing Director of a Chicago-based digital media agency, KMF, focused on intranet design and e-commerce systems.

Kemper has lived in New York since 2004, but was born in Brazil and mostly raised in Mexico. Born to Franco-Brazilian parents, he speaks Portuguese, French, Spanish and English..

Kemper holds a B.S. in industrial engineering from Northwestern University and also enjoys blogging at Digital Rubicon Musings.

Sector Focus:
Digital media, e-commerce, advertising technology, software companies

Selected Investment:
While at Steelpoint Capital Partners ~
AdSpace Networks
Atempo (acquired by ASG Software)
Boingo Wireless (IPO’d at Nasdaq: WIFI), Genesis today
Orion Telescope
PacStar Communications
prAna (acquired by Columbia Sportswear)
Privasys (patent licensing to American Express, Discover, First Data, MasterCard, and Visa)
SeaMobile/MTN Satellite
Tasti D-Lite
Women’s Marketing Inc. (acquired by PNC Riverarch)
Workshare (acquired by SkyDox)

Other ~
The Chart Group
Snow Phipps Group
Sylvan Road

Recent Revel investments in ~
The Trade Desk

Selected ERA Investments in ~

Founding Officer and Chair at New York City Venture Connection
Board Member at Media Brix
Board Member at Tracx
Investor Board at Venture for America Advisor
Co-Host MaiTai Hamptons Kitepreneur

Digital media, infrastructure, e-commerce, technologies, advertising, software, marketing, kiteboarding

Social Media Links:
Revel Partners

On raising money at low valuations: “When startups in New York City, especially ones with teams of 4-5 or more founders, raise low amounts like $500,000 on sub-$2-3 million valuations, it ends up undermining the success of their startup. Why? Because there doesn’t end up being enough incentive for the founders to stick around.”

About the author: Megan Maneval

Megan is a graduate of Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi, where she received a B.A. in Communication Studies with a minor in Business Administration. She has completed internships in business and communications, and was the copy editor for the university student-run paper. Currently at AlleyWatch, Megan plans to pursue a career in copyediting.

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