Digital.NYC Launches and the New York Tech Community Just Got Easier to Navigate


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Ok, so we all know that New York is the center of the universe and one of the fastest growing tech hubs globally, so it was only a matter of time before the city’s tech community had a hub of its own.

It’s heeere…

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio unveiled digital.NYC, a first-of-its-kind online hub for tech and startups where people in the tech community can find everything from investors to jobs, from news and information to resources and events, from heart of Manhattan to the startups expanding into Brooklyn and Queen, to the upper reaches of The Bronx and the outer reaches of Staten Island, too, as the song goes.

Of course, the site also features one of the new dot nyc domain extensions.

“Technology is driving innovation across New York City’s industries, from fashion to finance to corporate entities of every kind,” said the Mayor, who also credited his predecessor for his support of the tech community.

Mr. De Blasio also brought up differences between New York and Silicon Valley in terms of the physical distance between, say, Silicon Valley and San Francisco, and the lack of proximity time that leads to time lost.

“It’s more organic how people connect here. In New York, everything and everyone is easily accessible,” said the Mayor.

“New York is a global capital like no other, and digital.NYC is a front door for all New Yorkers to easily access the New York tech community,” said NYC Economic Development Corporation president Kyle Kimball.

“Digital.nyc is a remarkable example of the power of a public and private sector partnership. It was inspired and directed by the City (NYC Economic Development Corporation), sponsored and hosted by IBM, and designed and built by Gust. It is an unprecedented resource for an early-stage ecosystem, empowering every member of the community to explore and engage with the wealth of startup resources and information that have made New York City the world’s fastest growing digital hub,” said Gust CEO David Rose. “The problem with platforms like this is almost all of them go out of date the minute they go up. Ours will be self-updating, which gives us a shot at doing something useful.”

The site already lists over 5,000 startups, 150+ investors, 1400+ jobs and over 350 upcoming events. And counting.

AlleyWatch is pleased to be one of the site’s content partners along with some of the leading NYC startups and established businesses including CourseHorse, WayWire, The Muse, Uncubed, General Assembly, Flatiron School, Meetup, and the New York Daily News.

Whenever a new ‘startup’ is launched in NYC, it seems that someone – usually an investor – asks that inevitable question, and this time it was raised during the Q&A:

Is anyone making money off the site?

“It’s not financially driven,” said Rose, who is himself, also an angel investor.

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