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Online shopping and ecommerce are changing the face of global consumer behavior. While there are those who stick by the in-person retail shopping experience, many consumers are beginning to recognize the benefits of moving their shopping to the online realm. With ecommerce, there are fewer auxiliary costs that go into the final pricing of the products. Without the expenses of renting physical storefronts and hiring the staff to support them, retailers can deliver the same quality goods for a less expensive price. Consumers who shop online also have greater access to savings and discounts in the form of coupon codes and cash back offers. Let’s take a look at some of the savvy ways that online shoppers are finding deals on their clothing.

Celebrity Sites

Shopping starts out with a healthy dose of inspiration. If you can’t decide what you should be wearing this season, one of the best strategies to finding out what the hot new styles are is to check out what celebrities are wearing. Popular star-centric sites like E! Online offer guides to getting the most popular styles for a fraction of designer prices. Figuring out how to look your best all season long is as simple as looking at your favorite celebrities and emulating their looks. Once you’ve figured out the threads you need to look great, you’re ready to hunt down coupons and cashback deals.

Coupon Codes

Making use of online coupon codes is a great way to find unexpected deals from major retailers. Sites like Ebates, RetailMeNot, and KrazyCouponLady all offer consumers a way to track their favorite brands to find out when items are on sale or heavily discounted. The deals can be surprisingly steep cuts to the regular price. Even the most popular retailers like Ebates offer discounts, giving you access to J. Crew coupons, Nordstrom coupons, Ralph Lauren coupons and more. If you’re unfamiliar with how coupon codes function, they’re actually fairly simple to use. All users need to do is sign up on the coupon site, pick out the department in which they’re seeking deals, giving them options like fashion, appliances, electronics, beauty products, and more. Forbes writer, Seth Porges talks about how easy it is to save with these nifty coupon codes, “This one may sound obvious, but it still amazes me how many people haven’t quite realized that if a retailer gives you the option of entering a discount or promo code, the chances are pretty good that they have some available.” It might seem like a no-brainer to use the discounts available to you, but tons of people overlook the option and end up spending more than they need to.

Cash Back Offers

In addition to online coupon codes, smart shoppers can take advantage of cash back offers on a lot of transactions. For a lot of retailers, offering cash back deals gives them a way to incentivize shoppers to frequent their store, and they know that a lot of consumers won’t apply the deals. For the ones who take a few extra seconds to apply those deals, they can get big savings. With regular deals of 2% all up way up to 25% off your order price, cash back offers can be your own secret piggy bank. Rick Broida of cnet.com explains how the offers work, “Most cashback sites work the same way: Choose the store where you want to shop, click through to that store, then do your shopping. That’s literally all there is to it. After a day or two you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail from the cashback site noting that your rebate is in the works.”

Saving on this season’s hottest fashions is easy when you know where to look on the web. What are you waiting for?

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