Serial Entrepreneurs: How to Pursue Multiple Opportunities


When it comes to entrepreneurship, do most entrepreneurs go for many ideas, or just one big idea? A look at the world’s top entrepreneurs might provide some insight.

960 of the world’s 1400+ (as of 2013) billionaires are self-made, meaning that they started from the ground up and grew their businesses over time. 830 of them made money from multiple businesses, and 130 made money from just one. The infographic below goes further in detail, listing the steps some famous billionaires took along the way to building their fortunes.

 HIGH RES serial-entrepreneurs-how-to-pursue-multiple-opportunities-infographic

Image courtesy of: Funders and Founders, Anna Vital, Vlad Shyshov

Original: www.bit.ly/serialEn

About the author: Willie Diaz

Willie graduated from CUNY Baruch College in 2013 with a degree in English and minors in entrepreneurship and anthropology. Born and raised in New York City, he also took courses in journalism and published articles with Baruch’s award winning online magazine Dollars & Sense.

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