This NYC Startup Is Developing One of the World’s Smallest Jukeboxes (Let’s See How It Plays in Dublin)



Music is inherently social, so why not make it fun? And open it up, like when jukeboxes were around and patrons could choose what they wanted to hear from the selections available?

That’s what Jukebox.io is about, but updated with a tech twist. It allows venue owners to host a jukebox, and patrons to play the selections of their choice, right from their own smartphones. And unlike old fashioned jukeboxes, there’s always something to listen to with Jukebox.io – there are over 18 million licensed songs available, and it reverts to a smart radio if/when you just can’t decide or just want to leave the background music to the fates.

And setting the service up is easy – and free.

“We believe in giving people control over the music they listen to in any setting, with a simple touch. Users can play the music in public venues in an intuitive way,” said Sairam Chilappagari, the company’s CEO.

Jukebox.io is one of the New York startups attending The Summit in Dublin. The surrounding might be different, but the song remains the same. Chilappagari tells us more about his company, and why his company chose The Summit.

Tell us about the service.

Jukebox.io is developing a smartphone-based jukebox app, currently available only as private beta, that lets venue owners host a jukebox and patrons to play music right from their smartphones without requiring any special hardware. 


Sairam Chilappagari

How is it different?

We are offering a Jukebox service with smart radio built-in at zero setup cost, without requiring any special hardware. It’s a smartphone-based platform, which requires nothing but a smart phone to host a Jukebox.

Also, we allow venues to engage with patrons in a very innovative way. We have an email delivery platform in place, which allows venues to send personalized message to patrons when they participate in our eco-system. It is the most elegant way to engage patrons about events, promotions or just thanking them for being loyal customers.

What market are you attacking and how big is it?

Jukebox.io is poised to disrupt traditional out-of-home music services ($2bn industry) like muzak and the jukebox through the combination of our consumer, venue mobile apps and integration with streaming devices.

What is the business model?

  • Subscription SaaS revenue
  • Credit purchases (just like traditional jukeboxes, users pay to request songs)
  • Location-based advertising (future)

What is your startup attending Summit and what are you hoping to get out of it?

  • Getting the word out & customer acquisition
  • Press & Media
  • Investor introductions / Networking

Outside of Summit activities, what are you looking forward to the most in Dublin?

  • Beer and food.
  • Probably Jameson and Guinness factory tours

What are the milestones that you plan to achieve within six months?

  • Initial public launch and be available in 100 venues in NYC
  • Release apps for Android/Windows platforms
  • 75K songs being played

If you could be put in touch with one investor in the New York community who would it be and why?

Charles Goldstuck – Entrepreneur, investor, Currently the President and CEO of TouchTunes . Would love to partner with them to offer our services in a better way. Also, there is so much to learn from an industry veteran.

Why did your startup choose New York?

  • Venue/People density is really high compared to any other city in US, which makes it the best place to test any product.
  • New York has its own strong and vibrant start-up ecosystem
  • Talent pool in NYC is diverse and has strong technical depth
  • New York has some of the world’s leading VC firms and angel investors

What’s your favorite Fall destination in NYC?

Other than Central park, I wouldn’t consider NYC as a fall destination per say. But I really loved my recent trip to Blue Mountain, Adirondacks, NY State. Here is a link to some pictures that I took.


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