5 NYC FoodTech Startups That Will Make Investor’s Mouths Water at Food-X Demo Day

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Servy is a mobile app that empowers a vetted community of hospitality experts to give private feedback to restaurants in exchange for rewards. The data from the evaluations is provided to restaurants in a real-time, cloudbased interface that highlights areas for improvement, change over time, competitive analyses, and more, to drive continuous improvement.

Think of Servy as the anti-Yelp that is bringing mystery shopping to the 21st century.

“We are currently working with 20+ paying restaurants in NYC, thanks to Food-X,” said CEO and founder Rob Edell. “We love the abundance of restaurants and the entrepreneurial energy here in NY. We’ve also received over 100 Servy Consultant applications.”

With all of the restaurants in NYC to cover, they’ll need them!


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