A New York VC Spotlight: Andrew C. Mitchell



With more than 10 years of startup experience, Andrew C. Micthell describes himself as a “Venture Capital enthusiast rooting for upstart consumer brands.” Mitchell’s most recent success has been as the founder of Brand Foundry Ventures in February 2014. The company is an early stage Venture Capitalist firm focused on the consumer sector.

Mitchell’s work in the firm, coupled with his seven years as ZIG Capital’s co-founder, has earned him recognition as Number 36 on Business Insider’s 2014 ‘The Coolest People in New York City Tech to Watch’ list.

At the age of 23, Mitchell began his first of three beauty-based businesses in his New York City apartment in 2002. As a co-founder of Aspen Industries, Mitchell worked to create new development deals and was investing in companies by 2006. Earlier this year, Grace Beauty LLC acquired Aspen Industries.

During this time, Mitchell also worked as a COO/CIO at Consigliere Brand Capital, LLC from 2010 and 2013. As it stands. Mitchell has invested in 40 early stage companies within the consumer and retail technology space and has been described by colleagues as being both “100 percent reliable,” as well as “aggressive and proactive.” according to AngelList..

His years of experience in startups have earned him the persona of being an entrepreneur first, and someone who understands the importance of networking.

Mitchell graduated Six Sigma from Villanova University and has a B.A. in Political Science from Lafayette College.

VC Firm
Founder at Brand Foundry Ventures (February 2014)

Expertise Areas:
E-Commerce, Mobile, Products, Devices. Consumer retail, health & beauty

Selected Investments:
Birchbox, Chloe + Isabel, Harry’s, Kiwi Crate, StellaService, DoubleDutch, Retailigence, ZOZI, Peloton Cycle, Contently

Advisor to Events.comPinrose
Mentor to Founder InstituteCoolhouse LabsVenture for America

Blogs & Websites & Twitter:

Memorable Quotes: 
On Creating an Iconic Brand: “Innovate a simple, yet disruptive product or service for which there is no sound alternative. Additionally, the brand should ensure that it cannot be easily replicated and that it meets the needs of a core demographic inside a large market.”
On How Technology is Affecting Marketing: “Consumers are constantly informed and better informed often appearing immune to traditional marketing.  This is forcing brands to change course and limit claims with their product innovation and doctored up images in marketing campaigns for a more honest approach.”
On How to Set Your Brand Apart: “Take the patient approach – sell online, sell in a pop up store, sell at a farmer’s market – try something different.”
On Getting Sales From Your Brand:If you create a quality product that is unique, that stands out, you WILL get the sales.”
On Finding Ways To Remain Relevant: “Take the challenges willingly.  It’s in the hard work, the research and the missteps. In the end its usually not the shortage of creativity, it’s invigorating everyone in the mission.”


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