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Compendia is next generation software that fits the needs of the modern mobile-enabled business by securely delivering mobile document and notes, collaboration, electronic signature and voice recording to the Regulated Enterprise.

And let’s face it: there’s a lot of app clutter out there. Compendia took a bottom up approach to the problem, building on a secure platform for storage, and eliminating app clutter by taking individual best of breed business apps and integrating them into a single, highly secure and collaborative app. So if your business requires Spreadsheets, Documents, PDF Annotation, Notes, Presentation, File Management, Collaboration, or integration to existing Windows IT infrastructure, Compendia’s got you covered. All in one app.

Founder and CEO Tony Prylowski tells us how he plans to help securely untether the enterprise from pure desktop dependency.

Tell us about the product.

Compendia ensures users are more productive in the regulated Enterprise by allowing easy access to modify documents on tablets and smartphones, while satisfying the stringent security concerns of IT. These features are usually polar opposites, but Compendia has bridged that gap. Within Compendia, the user has the same file/folder view as on the desktop as on the mobile device.

What differentiates it from your competitors?

Compendia has multiple functionality within a single app, with content stored in a public or on-premise cloud. This includes document management, electronic signature, voice recorded instructions embedded within PDF and seamless integration into existing Enterprise structure.

Unlike many of the synching type products that leave multiple copies of documents across different platforms, Compendia never permits content to be left on a device. This multiple copies scenario is a nightmare for IT and Security, where they are trying to avoid duplication in the first place and associated storage costs. However, Compendia does permit an offline mode in a controlled way for when a user is on a flight or in a poor connectivity zone. Compendia does place an emphasis on Data Security, the movement of data in and out of the organization; has the content been sent to the intended party? Does the recipient have the necessary permissions to view or edit that content?

What business of technical problem are you solving?

  1. Users want the ease of use and convenience of being able to make last minute modifications to contract documents, review and mark up research notes or approve department documents while on the move.
  2. The latest tablet and smartphone devices have the potential to replace the awkward heavy laptop, provided the applications on them can satisfy Enterprise Security
  3. IT and Information Security Departments are paranoid about company data, financial or intellectual property being compromised or left on a device.
  4. Large Enterprises insist their sensitive data stays behind the firewall, thus they have control over it. However that same data might also be required to be transferred beyond the firewall to clients via mobile.

What market are you attacking and how big is it?

Compendia is targeting the Secure Enterprise Document Management market from a mobile first perspective. This is a $10 Billion market with a number of incumbent players. It is not necessarily Compendia’s strategy to substitute their presence in the Enterprise, but to complement existing offerings. Compendia is initially concentrating on Financial and Professional Services, but the product can be extended to other regulated industries including manufacturing and healthcare.

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Tony Prylowski

What facet of the enterprise mark are you selling to?

The target is end users who wish to have a more productive experience on their smartphones and tablet devices. However, to do that requires engagement with IT and Security. There is a new function within Enterprise – The Chief Mobility Officer – who has the agenda of all things mobile including laptops.

What is the business model?

It is a SaaS model available either in a public or on premise cloud configuration. It is a low cost annual subscription on a per user basis.

What’s new in store for the enterprise in iOS8?

With iOS8, two new iPhones are introduced and this is compelling for the Enterprise, especially the larger device where the possibility of using it as a computer is enhanced. A welcome new set of features are Hand- Off and App extensions. However, they present data security challenges.

Tell us about your experience as a Work-Bench company.

Work-Bench and its team has been fantastic in assisting Compendia with respect to Enterprise customer introductions and funding options. The culture is very much aimed at accelerating the company’s business and bringing it to the next level. They have exposed the company to many advisors and the significant number of events organized by them has assisted in Compendia’s development.

What are your thoughts on the future of the enterprise space?

The smartphone and tablet will start to dominate more and more. They are early in their development cycle from a software perspective. Applications are point solutions, but just like the very first PCs, networking, as in collaboration between apps will become more significant. But it must not suffer from bloat-ware which has happened with previous platforms. Security has got to be a primary concern, but beyond the traditional firewall and Endpoint type solutions. It must be embedded within the application.

What are the milestones that you plan to achieve within six months?

The company is in the middle of a Seed Funding round and this is expected to close shortly. We also expect to add a number of other large Enterprises to our current pilot program. Ramp up Sales and Marketing activities on the East Coast.

If you could be put in touch with one investor in the New York community who would it be and why?

I suppose there is no particular investor, though there are a few ‘celebrity figures’ out there. We are concentrating on investors who understand the Enterprise challenge for a start-up and who know the significance that mobile will play in its future.

Where’s the best place to eat at 1am in New York?

Being a relatively newcomer to the city, I have not had to endure that experience yet, however I do get a great healthy breakfast near the office at 7am, in UWay.

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