Entrepreneurship Through the Lens of Venture Capital: Teambuilding


How often do you hear that it’s all about the team?

Your team is an essential aspect of your startup. You don’t want to have the wrong people on your team. So how do you get the right people? What do you do if you end up with the wrong people?

Moreover, how do you handle the hiring process? How do you choose and attract board members? How do you make difficult decisions and handle challenges within the team?

In this video, venture capitalist Howard Hartenbaum of August Capital explains the team-building process of a startup. Hartenbaum was a founding investor in Skype and is on the Forbes Midas List of top venture capitalists. Hartenbaum describes the startup team from the perspective of an investor.

So, what does investor extraordinaire Hartenbaum look for in a startup team?

Find out in the video below:

Image credit: CC by Dawn (Willis) Manser

About the author: Kelsey Molseed

Kelsey is a recent graduate of Juniata College, where she earned a degree in history and served as Head News Editor for the The Juniatian student newspaper. She is a freelance editor and blogger who obsesses over grammar the way some people obsess over “Orange is the New Black.”

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