The Year in Startup Swag: 2014

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The tech community is rife with conferences and expos. No matter if you only secured an expo-only badge and weren’t handed one of those fancy, multi-pocketed canvas conference bags: once you walk in, there will be plenty of giveaway bags, canvas totes and nylon pseudo backpacks in which to store all of that takeaway printed material, most of which you’ll never look at again. Ah, but then there’s the swag.

Every expo has its share of mints, Altoids, tootsie rolls, mini candy bars and if you’re lucky enough, Lindor chocolates, but that’s not true swag. That’s par for the course and you might want to grab some extras for one when those mid afternoon urges hit, back at the office.

You’ll find shot glasses, stress balls, tee shirts, hand sanitizers and laser points (awesome, especially if you’re a cat owner) ad nauseam, but this is our list of some of the swag from this past year on the circuit, all branded and there for the taking. And a special thanks to Paypal for the gloves (Dublin Web Summit) and laptop bag (Empire Startup Summit).




Shameless solicitation:  If you would like for your swag to be considered for 2015, please send on over to:
115 East 23rd Street, Suite 326
New York, New York 10010
No submissions will be returned and there is no guarantee that your swag will be selected for the 2015 version.


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