You’re Never Done Building When You’re Tackling Big Issues, Says Brad Svrluga

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Brad Svrluga

There was a time when every other tech event was a pitching competition. While their popularity has declined in favor of tech’s innovative event of choice –hackathons – Entrepreneurs Roundtable just had their 77th iteration, and they’re still going strong.

Having done this for six years and having launched their own accelerator Entrepreneurs Roundtable can easily be counted as one of the best pitching events relatively new entrepreneurs looking for a seed round can attend or participate in looking to get an edge in immersing themselves in the business.

Held at Microsoft headquarters in Times Square, five startups, including one chosen from the audience, pitched and received feedback from keynote speaker High Peak VenturesBrad Svrluga.

Svrluga spoke about his years of experience at first working with a firm, and then starting his own, High Peak, which invests at the seed stage in SaaS, e-commerce, and enterprise companies. High Peak’s TXVIA’s sold to Google in 2012 and was one of the firm’s many successes.

We view our job not as an oracle but as general practitioner. Our job is to be a diagnostician and build a network of resources in the form of deep domain experts,” said the investor.

After he spoke, Svrluga took questions from the audience. One audience member asked what’s the biggest difference between the firm he runs now and the one he worked for in the 90s? Brutally honest and funny, Svrluga answered “I have a fucking clue versus I didn’t.” He also revealed that, through the years, he learned the importance of investing in the entrepreneur rather than the product. His firm evaluates whether a founder is incredibly smart, as well as humble. He asks if they are incredible learners, self-reflective and honest with themselves.



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