A New York VC Spotlight: Hadley Harris



Regarded as an expert in mobile technologies, Hadley Harris is a Founding General Partner at Eniac Ventures, an independent venture firm that invests solely in seed stage mobile technologies. Before focusing fully on Eniac, Harris served as CMO for Thumb, a popular social media platform focused on product reviews, and prior to that he was an executive for Vlingo, a voice recognition app.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, Harris began his career as a software developer and engineering team manager at Pegasystems. He later worked for Samsung, Microsoft, and Charles River Ventures before joining the Vlingo team.

Founded in 2009 by Harris and three of his University of Pennsylvania classmates, Eniac invests up to $600,000 at the seed stage for upcoming mobile apps and technologies.

Eniac’s portfolio includes Airbnb, Soundcloud and Luxe.

Venture Firm

General Founding Partner, Eniac Ventures (Founded in 2009)

Mobile technologies

Selected Investments

Blogs & Websites & Twitter

Memorable Quotes
On what Eniac looks for in a company: “At the early stages, we want to see a product in the market and real users. The quantity does not necessarily matter, though. What we really like is engagement and retention. A company must fill a need for users.”
On a common entrepreneur mistake: “One is not having a full technical team built out. We do not like to see this outsourced to contractors. Instead, we want a strong CTO. This is extremely important, especially in the first couple years.”

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