The Future of Venture Capital and High Tech Entrepreneurship


When it comes to startups, there are a lot of ways they can go wrong and Paul Buchheit knows all of them. Buchheit explains how at Y Combinator, and through his own experiences as a start-up founder, he found good ideas are usually bad ones: if they were good, someone would be trying it already, he contends.

He also found that some so-called bad ideas are actually good.

Buchheit then goes into the importance of funding, including how much is too much, and what it takes to get funding: talk about your customers and not the market, he says, and always be able to answer questions in a clear and concise way.

Though a lot of his advice sounds like common sense, you’d be surprised at how many of us are guilty of doing or not doing these things at one point or another.

Then again, it’s usually the obvious that escapes us.

About the author: John Zurz

John graduated from Queens College in 2013. A lifelong New Yorker he has had articles featured in both print and online publications.

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