You are Not Going to Believe What The Newest AlleyWatch Product Is


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We are pleased to announce the beta release of our latest and greatest product to date: the AlleyWatch NYC VC Hub.

Our mission has always been to find efficient ways to present information in order to save our audience time, and that’s the purpose of this hub: so that those interested in the New York venture community will have one centralized place where they can keep tabs on their favorite VCs. The hub includes every blog post, tweet and Instagram post, as well as a number of relevant VC stories and videos from around the web, all available at http://vc.alleywatch.com.

If that URL is too difficult to remember, you can also visit: http://stalkavc.com.

By our count, there are 200+ VCs in NYC alone. You’ll see that there are only a handful of active writers in the VC community. It is our hope that this hub will inspire and shame motivate more members of the investment community to share their vast wisdom. If writing is not your thing, our editorial team is happy to help and work with you to get your thoughts out. A more informed audience in NYC makes for a stronger community as a whole.

Lastly, we have inevitably and unintentionally missed a few people who belong in this hub.  Please email us at vc@alleywatch.com with any feedback and/or additions to the community.




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