Avoid FOMO by Attending These 5 NYC Tech Events This Week


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Taking a look forward, here are a few events that are coming up this week that should prove to be excellent:

On Monday night, our friends at the Product Council host their monthly event where an audience of product managers, designers and founders gather to learn valuable lessons and insights from experienced product owners as they dive deep into the challenge, success and failure of product design. This month they’ll be showcasing two NYC based Fashion startups. – Product Council: Fashion Edition at Pivotal Labs.

On Tuesday evening, our friends at Strategy Hack host their Strategy Chat series which showcases  a top notch brand marketer and an entrepreneur to chat about an overarching marketing theme. Finance hosts on making the switch out of the corporate world and into startups – Startups, Brands & Where They Intersect (Trevor Owens & Deirdre Stone) at WeWork Fulton Center.

On Wednesday night, join Digital.NYC as it visits the Bronx as a part of its tour to discuss the startup ecosystem growing in the Bronx and NY – Digital.NYC Five-Borough Tour: #Bronx at Per Scholas.

On Thursday evening, see what the international startup community is doing at Global Innovator Demo Night at Dentons.

Also on Thursday evening, our friends at Designers and Geek discuss when design isn’t just design and how to create a cohesive strategy connecting the needs of various departments – Designers + Geeks: The Invisible Art of Designing at Spotify.


For a full listing of upcoming events for the NYC startup and tech community, please visit the AlleyWatch NYC Tech and Startup Event Calendar.


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