30 SaaS Women Founders in NYC That You Should Know

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When a certain New York venture capitalist recently tweeted: ‘Serious question – SaaS female founders in NYC. Do they exist?’ – it touched off a mini-tweetstorm.

We all know that companies founded by men are not only funded much more frequently than those founded by women, but the amounts that they raise are often larger.

And how often do we hear investors say that they tend to fund companies that are referred by people in their networks? Well, if there are primarily guys in your network, yup, that could be one reason why female-founded SaaS companies are not entering your orbit – and subsequently being considered for funding.

In any event, New York women do have SaaS (-based companies, of course), and we sensed an opportunity to shine a spotlight for the masses and managed to put together this quick list of some of those founders – in under a New York minute.  This list is in no way exhaustive nor was it meant to be and we are happy to add to it.

You want SaaS? We’ll give you SaaS…


AlleyWatch note:  AlleyWatch does not have a financial relationship with any of those included. This list is in no particular order nor is it a ranking.  In fact, the =RAND() function on excel was used to determine order. Unlike our other lists, for obvious reasons, everyone included in this particular list was selected on the basis of their gender, only to aid discovery for the community.

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