Social Media Myths That Too Many Startup Owners Believe To Be True



When it comes to social media, it is quite obvious that startups can profit a lot from using a good marketing strategy. The problem is that many end up looking online and believe various things that they read. You need to dismiss a few common social media myths, since your startup will not gain the benefits it could. Combine this knowledge with knowing how to jump start your social media campaign, and all will be more effective for your startup!

Social Media Marketing Is Free

You will not spend money when you create your social media accounts, but you do have to invest in order to actually get all the advantages you could. Startups do not have huge budgets available and community directors will most likely not be hired. When you work with professionals, you will need to spend money for the services offered, but there are surely packages that are available based on the budget that is currently available.

Social Media Is Really Fast – Results Come Fast

Social media is used in order to build brand loyalty and awareness, among other things. You can use it to help you achieve better results with anything from a personal blog to an online fashion store. That is undeniable, but results do not come as fast as you may imagine, unless you invest a lot of money. Consistency is really important online, and you will need to build social media brand awareness slowly. Loyalty will be won through interaction with customers, not through social media interaction.

You Will Go Viral Fast

Ideas do not become viral overnight. In most cases, business managers want to create something that is viral and they believe that this is a really easy thing to do. In reality, chances are that you will never end up with something that is viral. This is actually quite rare. You have to stop trying to transform something into a viral video or photograph. Social media is all about authenticity. Planned or contrived stuns can easily weaken credibility, without you even realizing why that happened.

Social Media Is So Easy Anyone Can Do It

The truth is that social media is so easy that any person can end up doing it badly. There is a reason why we have social media managers and marketers. You have to understand that, although you do not have to hire professional designers and other specialists, you still need to treat everything seriously. Startups have to understand that what is to be shared has to be planned. Most companies share anything that they find, and this is not something that would build a great brand.

The More Social Media Pages, The Better!

This is the most common problem/misconceptionthat startups tend to have. In an attempt to do all that is possible to increase brand awareness, startups end up creating a lot of profiles on various networks. The truth is that you just need LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, with Pinterest and a couple more sometimes being really useful for your company. The marketing manager needs to understand and determine which the best channels are for your business. Choosing correctly helps a lot.

And these simple insights should help as well.


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