This Is How Brands Win in a Visual World



The online world seems to get more and more visual every day. And if you’re a brand in a world where people want authenticity, how do you compete, using stock photography?

In a world where almost anyone can connect with just about anything, you rethink the concept.

FlashStock connects those marketing ideas to a global network of photographers who in turn submit authentic, customized imagery of real people and your brand.The company was created to address the problems of marketers who are struggling to get the images they need — images of real people enjoying their products, at a price and in quantities that make sense. FlashStock builds technology that connects organizations that need content to photographers who are interested in creating it for them, and with the goal of creating the world’s largest on-demand photo service, transforming the stock photography industry and providing brands with cost effective alternatives to conventional and expensive professionally-crafted image procurement.

CEO Grant Munro gives us the full picture.

Tell us about the service.

FlashStock helps brands win on Instagram.  We aim to be the world’s largest on-demand photo service, transforming the stock photography industry.  We’ve built a global network of talented photographers and videographers who create content on behalf of our clients.  Brands brief our network and get inspiring content back, fully rights managed.  Our contributors are able to monetize their talents and get global recognition with top brands.

How is it different?

Having a unique and consistent visual identity is critical to being successful on Instagram and other visual channels.  We invest in helping our clients establish and communicate that look and feel to make sure the content they get back tells the story they want to tell.

What market are you attacking and how big is it?

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Grant Munro

We are targeting content and digital marketers who are tasked with creating inspiring content.  This hits on multiple market opportunities,including stock photography ($6 Billion by 2016), content marketing ($118B in 2013) and collaborative economies ($26B in2014).

What is the business model?

We work on annual subscriptions based on a volume of campaigns and images required.

What inspired the idea?

Michael Scissons and I worked together at a social media technology company.   There, we saw first hand that technology doesn’t make you a better marketer – inspiring content does.  Top brands were struggling with this, and continue to struggle.  We knew a new model was required and FlashStock was born.

What is the oddest photo request that you have processed?

We were asked to get pictures of people getting mini facials – but not to show their faces.

What are the milestones that you plan to achieve within six months?

We’ve seen tremendous growth over the last six months, really driven by more and more brands increasing their investments in platforms like Instagram, which is exposing a real pain point – getting original content at scale.   In the next six months, our goal is to keep thrilling our customers through this period of high growth.

If you could be put in touch with one investor in the New York community who would it be and why?

KalVepuri.  He likes disruptive models and has good instincts for marketplace models.  Would love to pick his brain.

Why did you launch in New York?

It’s the perfect combination of creative and commerce within a 22 square mile radius.

What’s is your favorite part about being here in NYC?

The people.  Everyday we meet new people who help us in some way.  The diversity is incredible.  The restaurants aren’t half bad either …

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