This NYC Startup Had a Customer Who Loved Their Tech So Much They Were Acquired


Facial Recognition Software

Kairos is a facial recognition software company. IMRSV (Immersive Labs) is an emotion analysis company. The synergies between the two companies certainly weren’t lost on all parties concerned, and now Kairos has acquired IMRSV to become the only facial biometrics company in the world offering both facial recognition and emotion analysis tools for developers.

IMRSV founder Jason Sosa tells us about the acquisition process and how the whole thing came about.

What was the acquisition process like?


Jason Sosa

The acquisition process is rarely painless. At times it’s exciting and at other times, it feels like things are moving in slow motion. Thankfully, we had a lot of very smart people, on both sides of the table, who wanted to get the deal done. My true passion is product development, or working with customers and developers who want to use our technology in exciting ways. The legal side of the process can be tedious at times, but I respect the people involved. Their dedication to making sure everything is handled in the most professional manner.

What factors about your business led Kairos to consider the acquisition?

Kairos and IMRSV have very complementary product offerings. Request for products that were being offered by the other company were occurring on a frequent basis and in many cases, developers were seeking combinations of multiple products that are now in our complete solution.

After our initial discussions, we discovered that we shared the same beliefs around the future of this industry. Fate was on our side, from a technology standpoint. We realized that a fusing of our technologies might be easier then expected as we use the same technology stacks.

The combined number of developers using our technologies across both companies created a compelling case to further increase the rate of growth of our developer community and revenues.

What advice can you offer companies in New York that are building their businesses?

Don’t get caught up in the NY vs San Francisco hype. Startup culture is now a national phenomenon in the United States. NY is seen as a leader in business. It’s our role in the startup community to set an example to others on how to build an exciting, innovative, and ethical business that can be a market leaders in the US and abroad.

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