The 5 Smart CUNY Startups That You Do Not Want to Miss on Demo Day

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CUNY Demo Day

There’s no shortage of students at CUNY, but only a handful of teams make it into the CUNY incubator, aka, the CUNY Center for Student Entrepreneurship. You know they’re driven, as it’s a big commitment: as if starting a business isn’t enough work, student must also attend bi-weekly meetings, phase deliverables, and meet with their designated mentor throughout the five months of the incubator.

Then there are office hours provided by Y Combinator and the meetings with CUNY faculty and entrepreneurs; corporate sponsors/ supporters and their employees and experts in variousfields; potential customers and investors.

All, while launching a new company.

It’s a lot, but from what we’ve seen and heard, all of that hard work has paid off. Here’s your sneak peek at the 5 startups from the CUNY Center for Student Entrepreneurship that are going to blow you away June 2nd on their Demo Day, and for the record, the entrepreneurs gave the program – and the mentors – high marks, too!

Image credit: CC by Official GDC


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