10 Steps Up A Great Entrepreneur Legacy Continuum


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Every entrepreneur and business leader waits too long before really working on the legacy, that one wants to leave to society, and his/her family. They realize too late that they do not really want to be remembered for a number of different things. This includes the amount of hours they spent on airplanes, the amount of emails they produced, and how much money they made.

If you disappeared today, what would your legacy show? What have you done to help others? If you are not thinking in these terms, you may be making a mistake as a leader. Bill Gates will probably be more remembered in fifty years for the his Foundation to save lives in developing countries, than Steve Jobs for his “insanely great” consumer technology advances.

In a recent book on this subject “Leading with Your Legacy In Mind,” Andrew Thorn, PhD, business coach, and psychologist, talks about his work on leadership strategies with business leaders at all levels. He outlines the “legacy continuum,” for every leader to frame how their efforts should be spent:

  1. From passion to purpose. The phrase, “Just follow your passion,” only takes us so far. Passion can ultimately blind us. Purpose reminds us of how we can connect our strengths with the people and environments, that will most appreciate and benefit from our skills and abilities. It focuses us on what we can give, instead of what we can get.
  2. From change to growth. Leaders often forget that change is hard for anyone. The only time we really like change, is when we are acting as the change agents and inviting others to change. Growth is most simply defined as change by natural development. Growth is natural for everyone, as a symbol of individual maturity.
  3. From goals to aspirations. Goals are generally connected to boundaries, limits that we wish to overcome, and the actions that we must take to overcome them. Aspirations are more intensely connected to our deeper yearnings. When we factor in our aspirations to guide us, we begin to connect to what really gives us value in life.
  4. From balance to focus. Work/life balance is not a natural business goal. Finding balance may be impossible. Daily emergencies and problems can interfere. However, we can all find the time to adjust our focus. Focus gives us a sharpness of vision, and improves our understanding, to create a legacy that will endure the chaos of our busy life.
  5. From accepting to understanding. Acceptance embodies the idea that we must get to a place, where we approve of something that we disagree with. Understanding is a higher attribute, because it allows us to hold on to what we value most. At the same time, It shows us a sympathetic and even an positive attitude toward another point of view.
  6. From discussion to dialogue. A discussion is a conversation that involves holding onto and defending our differences. A dialogue provides an opportunity to explore the uncertainties that exist and the questions, that are yet to be answered. It has the potential of improving our relationships and benefiting from the collective wisdom.
  7. From listening to hearing. Listening skills are important, to focus first on noticing what is being said and what is not being said. To hear, we must actively and anxiously be willing to take action on what is being requested of us. Our legacy is strengthened, when we demonstrate an ability to take action, to make things better for all parties.
  8. From success to significance. Success is a count of favorable outcomes. Significance has a life of its own, inspiring someone else to make an impact. Nothing can stop it once it starts. Significance satisfies our deepest aspirations.
  9. From ambition to meaning. Ambition is our early career drive to prove ourselves, to achieve recognition, often without regard for the sacrifices we are making. When we make the shift from ambition to meaning, we let our authentic self be our guide. Meaning is the personal fulfillment, that we enjoy as we grow through our own experiences.
  10. From growing older to growing whole. Growing older concerns most of us, because it fills our mind with visions of what we are going to lose. Growing whole is working aligned with purpose. There is less stress and anguish, and more time living than working. Growing whole involves celebrating, by giving back and enjoying a real legacy.

It is never too early to start working on the image you want to be remembered by. Legacy planning is nothing more than an exercise in using your time wisely. The average career is 117,000 hours of work. How many have you spent so far moving your own legacy forward?


Reprinted by permission.

Image credit: CC by Titanas

About the author: Martin Zwilling

Martin is the CEO & Founder of Startup Professionals, Inc., a consultancy focused on assisting entrepreneurs with mentoring, business strategy and planning, and networking.

Martin for years has provided entrepreneurs with first-hand advice, mentoring and business plan assistance as a startup consultant. He has a unique combination of business and high-tech experience, and executive mentoring and connecting startups with potential investors, board members, and service providers.

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