6 Women in Tech You Need to Know From NYTM Women’s Demo Night

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Female Tech Founders

The New York Tech Meetup Women’s Demo Night hosted six female-founded companies who presented their products and services to a panel of three judges and a general audience. Although the NY Tech Meetup holds monthly demo nights open to both men and women, its executive director Jessica Lawrence opened the event by saying that almost 40 women applied to this first Women’s Demo Night, and that number is only rising.

Presentations varied from an investment education website to a DIY tech kit for young girls. Here’s a roundup of the 6 demos and a description of their founders and goals.

Image credit: CC by Startup Mena

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About the author: Makena Owens

Makena Owens is an English Literature major at Yeshiva University. Her mission is to somehow combine her interests in history, tech, literature and design into one jam-packed career, but for now she’s satisfied with their exclusivity. Hailing from the not-so-rainy city of Seattle, Washington, Makena has a love-hate relationship with New York City, but right now it’s verging more towards love.

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