Female CEOs: They Still Wait For A Man To Walk In


In this video, Lisa Price, CEO and Founder of Carol’s Daughter and Julie Rice, Cofounder of SoulCycle discuss the role of business women in the workforce. Rice states that, “We sort of look at things when things happen…and think would a man running a business…do they know more, does somebody know more.”

Price reflects on her business and says that she has talked to many women about investing and that for women, “It is hard because we are kind of accustomed to doing more with less, and we tend to ask for less.” She says that by doing this, it does not mean that we do not know what we are doing, but that we are scared to ask.

Julie agrees and adds that at meetings, she does not know what people are expecting when her team walks in. She says that, “They think we’re gonna bring in the person that really runs the business.” Whilst sitting at the Mastro’s Steakhouse bar in New York City, the women order nonalcoholic drinks and continue to their conversation.

Rice talks about how much she enjoys talking to people about SoulCycle. Price states that, “It’s amazing how creative you can be, when you actually enjoy the work that you do, even though your work is difficult.” Rice then talks about her business partner and how her business could have affected her children. Rice explains that she felt the same way in the beginning. She also worried how much of an impact her business would have on her daughter. However, she concludes that she would have been “miserable doing anything else.”


About the author: Courtney Privett

Courtney Privett is a recent graduate from New Jersey, with a B.A. in English. She is an aspiring writer. She has written for makeoverly.com and beautycoatedlife.com.

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