Find Out How You Can Never Need a Password Ever Again


Everyone has a different way of remembering the dozens of passwords you use. Some people have the sticky notes, some have an email draft of all of them, and others just use the same password for everything. Honestly, how safe are any of these options? Your personal info is sacred and Logrr is taking away the whole problem of password infidelity.

With Logrr there are no passwords. Logrr uses a cloud-based application where you sign into your various accounts associated with your business from your mobile device.

Today we sit down with Julien Denaes, cofounder of Logrr, to get a better idea of their new approach to dealing with passwords.


Julien Denaes

Tell us about the decision to apply for Barclays Accelerator and how has the experience been thus far?

After meeting with Ty Danco of New England Techstars, we were really impressed with the culture and mission of getting involved with the community. We recently participated in the Starup Next program and and were then accepted for Techstars in NYC.  The fintech industry is having a deeper focus on cyber-security, and we saw a natural fit with the Barclays Accelerator program to help us ‘do more faster’

Tell us about your product.

Logrr’s mobile application allows for single sign-on to all enterprise cloud applications without having to use a password. This significantly reduces the risk of an unauthorized person acquiring a master password, which would compromise the entire companies’ data.

How is it different?

With Logrr, there are no passwords involved logging into your enterprise cloud services.

More importantly, there’s no critical data stored on our servers, so if there’s a breach (highly unlikely), the information accessible would be useless.

What market are you attacking and how big is it?

Logrr focuses on companies using cloud services: Google Apps, Salesforce, Slack, Office 365; a market estimated to grow to more than $50 Billion by 2018. Simultaneously, the Cloud Identity and Access Management market is estimated to hit $18 Billion by 2019 with 100% growth.

What is the business model?

Logrr is an Enterprise SaaS platform that charges a per month per user subscription. Logrr charges a monthly subscription fee ($1-$5) based on the number of cloud applications and employees the company enrolls. The platform is self service, making it easy to onboard new users and cutting down on integration and custom code implementation costs. A small sales team will help accelerate the conversion of pilots to full time recurring customers.

What inspired you to start the company?

Ben, my co-founder, and I have been working for the past decade as Security architects and business analysts for many Fortune 500 corporations and we were shocked by how people are so relaxed about their security protocols: people are just sharing passwords on post-its, that’s the reality. We decided to avoid the passwords issue and really solve it: eradicating passwords from the enterprise world

What are the milestones that you plan to achieve within six months?

Being an early stage startup, we are hitting new milestones every day. Right now, we are focusing on hiring a killer team, developing the self-service user experience and beefing up our thought leadership in cyber-security and identity cloud management.

What is your take on the current scene in New York today?

New York is a great place for us to be. We started the business in Montreal, and found that the New York pace is motivating us to grow and accomplish our milestones quicker. The Barclays and Techstars teams have really helped dial us into the awesome fintech and startup community in New York.

What are you looking forward to doing most in NYC during this upcoming winter?

We are looking to growing our team in New York office.

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