Make Things: How To Launch A Crowdfunded Product



Gone are the days when planners “just” research, analyze, theme and provide insights…and stop there. I’ve always had a very strong belief that the best planners and strategists who have made things (eg: digital products and experiences) have the best real world insight and experience.
I am the type of planner and creative strategist who loves to identify a need/problem and make something to solve it. I spent most of 2013-2014 solving my own need to scratch an entrepreneurial itch, and I was able to work on some amazing initiatives and projects which included launching a startup called Birdi on Indiegogo, something I have never done before. So, like anyone interested in #DIY or #HowTo, I started with the experts –Indiegogo themselves; who have a seriously strategic playbook on crowdfunding. We were also extremely privileged to have access to Sonny Vu as a mentor and advisor (if you’ve even seen or heard about Misfit Shine, you’ll know why this was an absolute gift of knowledge).

In September 2014, Planningness PDX focused on the entrepreneurial mindset, startups and the maker movement. I had a great opportunity to share what I had learned, and present best practices in a session titled:

How to Launch a Crowdfunded Product
– Crowdfunding Trends
– Crowdfunding 101
– Marketing Playbook
– Case Study: Birdi
– Breakouts (mock product campaigns)

Planningness PDX 2014 // How to Launch a Crowdfunded Product from Jess Seilheimer

I haven’t hacked anything major from inception to delivery in a few months, and that itch has returned. I’m hoping Planningness 2015, held May 14-15 in the awesome city of Toronto this year, will bring forth my favorite collection of creative strategists, planners and makers and provide me the inspiration I’m craving. I believe in sharing what we learn amongst the open ideation community. Please use the comments section below to hit me up with any questions and I hope to see you in Toronto in a few months.



Reprinted by permission.

Image credit: CC by Crowd Expedition

About the author: Jess Seilheimer

Jess Seilheimer is the Chief Strategy Officer at MWW. She has 14+ years experience in advertising/marketing across brand strategy, product marketing; both in traditional & digital media.

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