New York Startups Focus on Purpose and Culture Seek to Redefine Human Resources Tech



Everyone knows that the fight for obtaining the best talent – and keeping it – is the most important key to success for everyone from hot startups to companies that supplied Civil War battalions. Yet, companies are constantly fighting this battle and notable New York startups have chosen to focus on the relationship between purpose and culture to retention, productivity, and net promotion in order to redefine how HR leaders recruit and keep the best to win the talent war.

Culture is clearly critical to long-term happiness, and New York startup Hire Canvas is delving to the university level to find the right cultural fits for partner companies among the best talent. The theory: start early – including prodigious hiring of interns – to both build culture and imbue new employees within it, to boost happiness and retention.

“Leadership programs and internships often serve as extended interviews were high potential hires and companies feel out their cultural fit for one another,” said Kevin George, founder and CEO of Hire Canvas.

Imperative, which closed its new growth round this month led by Gaingels Syndicate, focuses on Purpose; drawing a critical relationship between the new Purpose Economy and tying a talented individuals’ intrinsic makeup to the right cultural employment fit, then creating a purpose-driven culture within that workplace. Imperative, which just released the first National Purpose Index (NPI); a detailed report explicitly quantifying the impact of purpose and intrinsic motivation on the workplace and whose clients already include Price Waterhouse Coopers, Allstate Insurance, Metlife Insurance, and thirty other public companies, sees building Purpose-driven culture and teaching companies how to recruit and onboard for purpose, as the deepest, most long-term solution to winning the talent war.

“We now have the evidence to show that Purpose-Oriented Employees, who come to work for more than a paycheck, are outperforming their colleagues by every measure. The companies that can successfully attract, hire and onboard Purpose-Oriented employees are going to be driving better performance and stronger cultures,” said Arthur Woods, co-founder of Imperative.

Yet another growing New York startup, Bonusly, seeks to address the gap between incentive-driven rewards and workplace culture. Incentives need to be correctly placed, and appropriately tailored, to fit the employee in question, in order to make them effective in boosting both retention and productivity.

Ultimately, many agree that ultimate success will come with effective changes to recruitment and retention methodologies within organizations, in order to emphasize cultural fit to boost the best employees’ willingness to stay and remain productive past their honeymoon period. If that happens, the sky really is the limit.

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About the author: Paul Grossinger

Paul Grossinger is a twenty-six year old New York entrepreneur and early stage investor. He is the founder of Gaingels, the first affinity investment syndicate backing LGBT entrepreneurs, the founder of Blue Jay Syndicate, the first affinity investment syndicate backing Johns Hopkins alumni, a General Partner at A-Level Capital, and an angel investor in 61 companies. As an entrepreneur, he is Strategy Officer for Imperative and was co-founder of Pervasive Group and L&M Media. He is a graduate of Columbia University’s School of Journalism and the Johns Hopkins University.

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