How to Turn Your Coffee Shop Into a Productivity Hub


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Everyone knows that any freelancer needs a great work space. For some that may be at home where we can sit on our couch and sit in our pajamas all day, which really does work for some people. They apparently have the strength to not turn on television reruns. But for many freelancers there’s a need to be around people (even if they aren’t talking to them) and having fast access to inordinate amounts of caffeine. They need a coffice.

A coffice is the modern term for the coffee shop office. For the semi-employed or contractor, Starbucks is more than a coffee shop, it is a place of business. But for anyone working for themselves or starting a business you need a place where you are going to get your best work done and can meet with other professionals (definitely check for the best coffices in your area where you are most likely to meet investors if you’re an entrepreneur.)

So how do you make your coffice work for you? We have a few tips.

  1. Go for the best work-space

You are probably going to stay a while so you want to find a space where you can spread out a bit and definitely try to get one near an outlet. If you end up sitting right next to someone, be aware of your space and consider going somewhere else.

  1. Go at off-peak times

Hey man, you’re a freelancer. You don’t have to be anywhere at 8 am or even 9am. Do you really want to be at a coffee shop during the morning rush hour (even if the people-watching aspect is amazing)? Go a little later in the morning when things have calmed down and so you can get a seat.

  1. Buy a few things

If you are at a coffee shop for six hours and have only bought one small cup of coffee, you should really get something else as well. In fact, England may soon have the pay-as-you-go “coffice,” which sells time and space instead of coffee and cake. But until we have that get a friggin’ bottle of water if you can’t handle any more caffeine.

  1. Don’t be a bandwidth pig

This may not be the time to watch YouTube, listen to Spotify, download something or other, and do all your normal work.

  1. Make friends with the staff

Find the Gunther to your Rachel Greene (well, maybe not since he had an obsessive crush on her) but definitely get to know the staff.  Strike up a conversation with the barista or cashier (only if they aren’t super busy) and definitely tip them!

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