Advertising Title Bout: Television vs. Mobile



Simulmedia and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) presented a power panel to discuss the face-off between television and mobile advertising channels.

Simulmedia is the pioneer and market leader in audience-based advertising on television and was named to Crain’s 2014 Best Places to Work in New York City. Founder and CEO Dave Morgan moderated the panel discussion at their new location on Park Avenue.

The MMA is the world’s leading global non-profit trade association of over 800 member companies. The MMA’s mission is to accelerate the transformation and innovation of marketing through mobile and drive business growth with closer and stronger consumer engagement.

The panelists featured two prominent MMA members and an independent information provider.

  • John Costello: President, Global Marketing and Innovation at Dunkin’ Brands. Dunkin’ Brands is one of the world’s leading franchisors of quick service restaurants serving hot and cold coffee and baked goods, as well as hard-serve ice cream.
  • Karna Crawford: SVP, Head of Marketing Strategy and Digital Development at JPMorgan Chase. JPMorgan Chase is one of the oldest financial institutions in the United States, with a history dating back over 200 years.
  • Steve Hasker: Global President at Nielsen. Nielsen studies consumers in more than 100 countries to provide the most complete view of trends and habits worldwide.

Every sector and every business has been impacted by the digital revolution. Perhaps no other industry has been disrupted more by digital than advertising. In most businesses, CMOs are leading the digital transformation. Savvy CMOs leverage the convergence between traditional and digital channels to grow the business. Digital, led by mobile, is rivaling the traditional contender; television. Per an MDG Advertising report, digital totaled 80% of television ad spending in 2015.

Under John Costello’s leadership, Dunkin’ Donuts was named one of MMA’s 2015 Global Smarties Winner celebrating exceptional campaigns in mobile marketing. John highlighted the synergy between traditional and digital channels at Dunkin’. Traditional works well and mobile enables their traditional one-on-one marketing to scale in real time, said John.

John attributed their success at Dunkin’ Brands to five tactics.

  1. Listen to the customer. Technology is not a substitute.
  2. Understand the drivers of the business.
  3. Leverage cross channel synergies.
  4. Stay agile and experiment; quick no’s are important.
  5. Think broadly and collaborate.

Karna Crawford provided an alternate perspective on the role that mobile can play alongside traditional channels. At JPMorgan Chase, Karna believes the role of mobile is three fold and requires the ability to manage change to make it co-exist in a regulated, traditional environment.

  1. Mobile is a device
  2. Mobile is a communication channel
  3. Mobile is a mechanism for engagement

Karna is also considering mobile to help decrease costs to service customers.

The panel also discussed the shared challenges between traditional and digital advertising. In the past, there were a finite number of traditional media outlets. Digital has changed that. The number of consumer touchpoints are exploding, thanks to digital. As an industry, there does not yet exist a common ROI metric against all consumer touchpoints. Steve Hasker highlighted that Nielsen is working on the largest repository of data to provide a starting point for common metrics in the industry. Steve noted that ROI is not a common metric because data can be redundant and biased. Instead, Steve proposed, marketeers need to be able to answer three questions to be able to converge on a common currency:

  1. How many people did a campaign reach?
  2. Did it resonate?
  3. What was the reaction?

As a leading global provider of information and insights into what customers watch and buy, Nielson is able to provide independent third party data to help answer these questions.

So, does the future advertising landscape include television? Absolutely, targeted television has a role to play. A good story that can be viewed by anyone, anytime, anywhere resonates with the consumer. Mobile is synergistic with television and transforms the traditional broadcast experience with engagement.

Today, 76% of us are multi-tasking on our devices when watching television. If you can’t beat them, join them.

About the author: Rohinee Mohindroo

Rohinee Mohindroo is a Transformational Technology Leader, helping organizations elevate customer and employee experiences by delivering scale, speed, and stability. Rohinee is available in a consultancy role to startups who are scaling up and to enterprises who are strategically focused on digital transformations.

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