Startups: This is What You Need to Do To Access A $2T Market Next Week But You Have to Act Fast

Startups: This is What You Need to Do To Access A $2T Market Next Week But You Have to Act Fast



is connecting entrepreneurs to high-powered CIOs with trillions. Here’s how to get in on the cash and mentorship.

Want access to those in control of $2 trillion looking for answers to technical challenges?

It’s rare that entrepreneurs have access to Fortune 1000 CIOs with access to trillions in capital. vLab’s Reverse Pitch Challenge that lets you do just that: propose a solution to a CIO’s technological challenge, work with them in a virtual hackathon to build the solution, and win the chance at cold hard cash to scale the idea.

This is not your average hackathon: you will be working directly with real clients with real budgets. No imaginary startups here.

The event is happening on February 25, 6-9pm at WeWork Chelsea so you need to act fast to secure your seats by registering to attend or submitting a solution to the challenges outlined below. You can also attend via livestream. At the event, CIO panelists will hash out their pain points across infrastructure, analytics, and information security.

vLAB_Ads_Feb25_V3-160x600Solutions are now being accepted to the following challenges:

Niel Nikolaisen – CTO of OC Tanner – Legacy App Modernization
Breaking legacy apps into Lego Blocks in order to improve business speed and agility.

Raffaele Piemonte – VP of Applications and Infrastructure, Center Light Health System – Sunset of Legacy Applications/Products
Keeping the legacy data but not the legacy cost. 

Christopher Wilson – Principle Cloud Architect, Verizon Enterprise Solutions – Event Classification across the IT Infrastructure
Provide a service, collection of services, 3rd party software or plugin which can classify events occurring across the IT infrastructure into incident management levels.

Dr. Kaijun Zhan – Director of Global Infrastructure & Engineering Computing, Atmel Corp – Back-up, Tape is Fraught with Problems
Back-up – Cloud is not always the easy answer.

Robert Stevenson – Chief Strategist, Hitachi – Open Stack Integration and Orchestration with Chef and Puppet
Need for an Open Stack light for IOT use cases.

Vince Tripodi – VP of Engineering, Associated Press – Content Processing
A new look at Metadata for Media Companies’ use cases.

Additional panelists include Thomas DelVecchio, Founder & Director of Research – Enterprise Technology Research (ETR), and Patrick Lewis, Cofounder – vLAB, Chief Strategist – ETR&D. 

Full details on the challenges can be found in the vLab CIO Reverse Pitch Challenge Summary.

Submissions for solutions must include the solution description, technical stack, delivery model, indicative pricing, development time, milestones, and questions.

Winners will receive complimentary memberships in vLab and prequalify for potential funding.

Still on the fence? If you are successful, you will continue to work with these high-powered CIOs after the event and support them in building out your solution with access to their ample budgets to build your solution into reality. Your solution, should it be selected, may be implemented at a Fortune 1000 company.

To recap: you propose a solution to a Fortune 1000 CIO’s technological challenge, and gain the opportunity to work closely with them to make it happen with real budget.

This is the hackathon for those who want to make real progress on real, live challenges, with mentorship from those who have the need for your solution.

Not interested in proposing a solution? You can still get a front seat to watch it all go down, either in person in NYC or via livestream from the comfort of your couch. Doesn’t get easier or more convenient than that. Space is limited though, so register today to make sure you get the opportunity to see it all go down. Think it can’t get any sweeter? Oh it can, because it’s free.

The event, sponsored by Microsoft, hosted by vLab, is powered by Enterprise Technology Research (ETR).

vLAB is the first-of-its kind startup collaboration platform that brings the best and brightest entrepreneurs together to solve enterprise technology challenges based on what global CIOs/CTOs have brought to their lab.

It’s time for you to take your ideas and put them towards real challenges and gain access to large amount of capital.

Register or submit your solution today.


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