Mobile App and Website: How Both are Important for Startups?


Mobile apps, joining websites, is the latest frontier for startups. Whether to choose a native application or a responsive website is more of a business call rather than an informative one. The reason is that visitors who are accessing your website through a desktop could also access your brand through the mobile device.

Applications are a medium to reach out to customers like an advertisement or a website. We can’t debate about one vs. another. However, businesses need both for customers, who are browsing on the go or through their desktop. Moreover, having the application engages visitors and keeps them coming back. Likewise, websites play an equally important role. Check out why both are important.

To Showcase Brand

The Website offers detailed and more sensible information to educate the customers about the brands and offerings. Having a responsive site means you have killed two birds with a single stone. Your business can get visitors’ attention from both desktop’s site and mobile website.

Although, you are developing a responsive site, you have to engage your customers through a mobile application. Ensure to create an application that increases your brand value and allows users to perform their task quickly on the go.

Developing a platform-first product

It could be a difficult choice to develop a website or an application first when you have a non-tech business delivered through technology. The answer may depend on your target audience.

  • How you reach them in the best ways?
  • How you simplify their current performing tasks?

The answer to this depends on whether your product values a mobile-first strategy or a web-first. Unless, you are developing for productivity or utility tool that can be developed for on the move nature like to-do list application or where you don’t need an internet connection to access an application. Although, you are developing an application for a single platform, you can’t ignore the others.

Testing with an Initiative across Mobile Platforms

There is iOS platform and then an Android.

When you are not sure, which mobile platforms you want to target first, then you opt for a responsive website. Android, iOS, and other mobile operating systems are enabled by a responsive website to interact with the brand and provide the similar experience. Businesses just have to invest once to get their desktop and mobile platforms covered. It helps in validating your source of traffic.

Even so, you have to create your product with analytics integrated to know the traffic that comes from different devices. Once you know which devices your customers are using the most, you can then develop a customized native app solution for them.

What Qualities Your Mobile App Should Have?

Appropriate Platform

Your application must be optimized for mobile users by taking benefits of integrated qualities of the tablet and smartphone. You can also be sure that the app should be compatible and functional for all devices and brands.

User-centric design

If you want to build a successful mobile application, you have to create user-friendly and highly intuitive design. Thus, you have to hire the right partner, who prioritizes the user experience in interface design.

Social media integration

It would be great to use Facebook Connect or other single sign-on technology solutions to enable visitors to use social media logins to sign into the mobile application. Moreover, you should provide an option to recover their user name/password or remind them which social network they utilize when setting up the app.

No extra steps to complete most frequent actions

You should develop an application that focuses on particular purposes. Additionally, user interface must be adapted for easiest possible completion of the most frequent actions. The best design app is “the way users want.” One odd screen abandons your visitor in favor of your competitor.

No Advertisements

Are you planning to develop a free app and monetize it through ad banner? Then, you have to think carefully. Almost everyone looks for an ad-free alternative, if it is available in the market. People don’t ever think of more or less features loaded in the app if it is free from advertisement. According to user’s viewpoint, ‘no ads’ is the truly optional characteristic. It is possible to rouse positive emotions with typically colored banners. But, one can have to differentiate ads and make it less disturbing.

What Qualities Your Website Should Have?

Proper Developed Pages 

A website should be simple to use. It must have easy navigation, callouts, proper utilization of links and information displayed so that it should look attractive along with informative. Some critical information such as contact info and about us should be easily accessible.

Proper Domain Name

Having a solid domain name is must to make your brand name. You should use good sense and do research well when selecting a domain for your business. In case, your “.com” address is already taken, you should avoid taking “.net” version or avoiding using hyphen as it loses your visitors. It is also best to search out a perfect “.com.” by taking enough time.


It is advisable to use strong password. In the case that the website is developed on platforms like Magento, WordPress, etc. then you should ask professionals to keep platform updated. Apart from integrating the latest functionality, these regular updates deal with security issues that are founded by other developers and users.

A Clear Identity

Ensure to pay attention when you are surfing the internet. You should explore websites with titles and logos, design with banners and ads. Ensure to be brief and concise with text.

High Interactivity

In today’s competitive market, a simple website is not effective and up to the mark to beat competitors. Having an effective website contains a wealth of resources such as FAQs, White Papers, Contact Information, Feedback, etc.

Implement Industry Best Practices and Business Knowledge

You have to develop a website that develops according to industry standards and uses industry best practices for design and functionality. Create the kind of website that will be effective and appreciated by the customers.

Web accessibility guidelines

It is recommended to implement Web accessibility guidelines as web world becomes more focused on the end-customer’s needs.

User Experience (UX) for Startups in Web & Mobile App Development

Many of us want to know how to create mobile app or website better. There is an accurate answer. Having better user experience design provides the better response from users. Design can make the difference between a rich and engaging customer experience and a simple delivery, especially for a startup.

In this competitive world, there are experienced players, who are looking for an opportunity where people are getting a second-rate experience, especially on developing mobile applications. Developing scenarios, defining personas and creating sketches and prototypes result into best design.

Some of designers are having problems in designing user-oriented websites and application. Here, we have come with user insight to develop best website and application for startups by following given steps.

  • Research – Understanding audience for whom you are designing for
  • Ideate – Give suggestion about possible designs.
  • Prototype – Create a representation of your ideas
  • Test – Get feedback of your ideas
  • Repeat – the entire process

How important is design for Startup?

Design is layered like business and technology. Check out image given below.


Considering the image, we understand how important it is to have embrace UX for startups. With UX, one can easily sprinkle on dust whenever it needed. It is recommended for startups to allocate a portion of a mobile app or software development budget to UX/UI. Having a better User Experience Design will impact on how good your mobile app, website, platform and startup will be.

Is it worth to hire Mobile and web Development Company?

Having both mobile app and website are important things for startups to enjoy successful business. Website brings the audience for startups while application creates its future. Whether it is app or site, both are the foundation of all digital marketing and other elements and thus, hiring mobile and web development company is a must.

Many reputed companies provide excellent development service by considering latest standards and techniques. Hiring them, you will able to speed up your website and application launch and thus, it will boost your business.

About the author: Nasrullah Patel

Nasrullah Patel is the cofounder and director of operations at Peerbits. The company specializes in iphone app development for various industry verticals. Nasrullah likes to be busy with his team and to provide top-notch mobility solutions to enterprises and startups.

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