Why Mobile Gaming is Set to Grow Even More



According to research carried out by Newzoo Global Games Market, mobile gaming is set to be even huger than console gaming during 2016. On top of this, revenue from traditional console gaming is set to fall by the time 2019 comes round. Why is this? Well, mobile gaming is becoming more and more popular for a variety of different reasons. With a number of popular games such as the Fifa football franchise available to play on mobile devices, more and more gamers are turning to gaming on the go rather than sitting at home playing on their Xbox, PlayStation and Wii consoles.

It’s Cheaper

With popular games being widely available on mobile devices, there’s no doubt that it’s cheaper to game on the go rather than buy a console. Gaming consoles do not come cheap, but most people own at least one mobile device suitable for gaming, such as a smartphone or tablet device. Because of this, people who can’t afford to buy a console are using mobile gaming as an alternative, playing games such as casino games on mFortune or even popular games available for Xbox and PlayStation on their mobile device. Although the games are not always exactly the same, it can still be a hugely fun experience.

More Accessible

An increasing number of gamers are turning to mobile gaming because it is more accessible. If you’re on a long train journey home, for example, it’s easy to take along your smartphone or tablet device in order to play games on it to pass the time. And, if you have free Wi-Fi or unlimited data with your plan, you can game online and even play against your friends without having to worry about running up a huge bill for your usage. Mobile use in general is on the increase, with studies showing that more and more people are turning to mobile devices for purposes such as shopping or even general browsing rather than using a laptop or PC computer.

Free to Play

Along with being cheaper because there’s no need to buy a console, mobile gaming is becoming increasingly more popular due to the fact that many game apps are free to play. The app is then later monetized through in-app purchases of things such as game credits for playing, which players are not obliged to buy and can often earn through other methods. This makes mobile gaming a hugely attractive option especially amongst the younger or student population who may not be able to afford to spend loads on a console and individual games but still don’t want to miss out. Along with this, many mobile games are casino-style or even bingo games, giving the player a chance to actually win some extra money from playing.

Do you prefer sticking to console games, or have you also jumped on the mobile gaming bandwagon? If you spend a lot of time playing games on your mobile device, we’d love to hear why you chose this method – let us know in the comments!




Image credit: CC by Bert Heymans

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