There’s an App for That!



The concept of the smartphone has changed people’s lives worldwide. The selling point is that it is more than just a phone where people can communicate with one another, but also a platform to perform functions that either used to be done solely over the internet on a computer or actually done by a person themselves, manually. Mobile platforms have overtaken desktops in internet usage in the USA with 55% of people using the internet through their mobile devices, 47% through apps and 8% through mobile browsers.

The two largest app stores, Google Play and the iOS App Store provide millions of apps to users worldwide incorporating a wide range of industries. People can now buy groceries, order takeaway, watch television, or even bank online on their smartphones. The old days where Snake was the only game worth playing on phones are over as well. A multitude of games are now available, all with high-definition graphics and sophisticated. Some are free to play while others offer in-app purchases.

The casino market is another one of these industries that has gone online and mobile, with numerous casinos apps now available on the various app stores. It is predicted that by 2018, 164 million people worldwide will be using mobile devices to access online casinos and worldwide revenue is expected to top $100 billion. NetBet Casino is one of these casinos with a strong online following, while high-street bookmakers have also moved onto digital platforms as the need for online casinos has increased with less people visiting in person locations. The appeal of the online casino is its lucrative rewards. Both online sports betting and casinos offer odds and payback margins which are greater than their land-based equivalents, while 4G technology has meant that players are no longer restricted by an internet connection and are now able to play anywhere where they have signal.




Image credit: CC by Roxanne Ready

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