You Will Not Believe What This New Accelerator is Doing

You Will Not Believe What This New Accelerator is Doing


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There’s a brand new accelerator in town, and you need to know all about it. entreprenYOURS has an unique model: every participating company receives equity in their fellow cohort member’s startups. The program was started by father-son duo David and Jared Sorin, both well connected lawyers, extremely active in the New York tech scene. Seven to ten companies will participate in the inaugural cohort of entreprenYOURS, which begins this fall.

Applications are open now, and due August 1, so don’t wait. You don’t want to miss out on this program that will catapult your startup for success.

Potential startups are highly vetted through the application process by a board of venture capitalists, successful entrepreneurs, angels, and strategic investors, and ensuring that highly quality startups will be accepted. And that’s to your advantage— the unique equity-sharing model will allow for participation in the program to potentially pay off in a big way.

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Once accepted, entreprenYOURS participants will be equipped with access to a pool of dozens of industry-leading mentors, networking opportunities, and will have access to the accelerator’s resources for an entire year. Further differentiating itself from standard accelerator and incubator programs, entreprenYOURS is not location or residency bound, nor does it have a rigid 12 to 16 week schedule. Rather, startups are encouraged to work from their established headquarters or in coworking spaces and assemble in person in New York or New Jersey through out the duration of the program. All applicants should be able to travel to New York or New Jersey with relative ease. Participants may choose to colocate, building on the cohesive community the Sorins envision.

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“Forming a company and implementing a strategy is often very intimidating for a would-be entrepreneur. entreprenYOURS provides direct access to leading professionals who have dedicated their careers to early-stage entrepreneurs and the investors who support them,” explains cofounder Jared Sorin, referring to the extensive network of individuals in financing, tech, accounting, legal, and more that will be provided as mentors to the participating companies. “By understanding the market, our advisors and mentors know what is necessary to be successful, and are fortunate to have developed substantial connections and resources to assist. This knowledge is powerful and it is what so many of the accelerator programs provide.”

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The cross-ownership model is also incredibly unique for the startup ecosystem, and a differentiating factor for entreprenYOURS, not only changing the funding model but also the dynamic of the cohort. If accepted to the program, each participating company will give and receive a small equity stake in each of the members of the entreprenYOURS cohort’s companies, creating an environment that is truly collaborative and supportive. This new model will ensure that the entrepreneurs work together to succeed. It is expected that participating companies will provide their skills and expertise to their fellow cohort members, building a highly networked community internally and externally. entreprenYOURS also takes an equity stake in each company, and will provide a stipend to each company as well for their participation.

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Dave Sorin, cofounder of entreprenYOURS, explains “this should prove to be a model that will not only mitigate risk to investors and entrepreneurs, but also enhance the likelihood of success, increase diversification and encourage its members to support one another. Cross ownership will provide and encourage collaboration to empower an ecosystem of tech and tech-enabled companies, each incentivized to help fellow entreprenYOURS because their success has a tangible benefit to everyone.” It also creates an edge from the otherwise crowded accelerator market. “Many accelerators can provide some of the elements of the new entity, but the mutual benefit and cross-collaboration aspect is new and novel from everything we’ve seen in the market, and really distinguishes entreprenYOURS from the others.”

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The program is vertical and industry agnostic and has mentors and advisors from a cross-section of fields and topic expertise. Whatever your startup focused on, if you are motivated and collaborative, this is the accelerator for you.

Applications are currently open and due August 1. You can learn more about the program and apply here.


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