7 Steps to Impress Investors



Don’t miss the opportunity to win over the next investor you pitch to. Here are 7 simple ways to stand out from other startups.

Have a Real Business in Place

The best place to start is by creating a solid business plan that lays out what your business does, what the market is like, how the business is organized, and how much funding is required.

Start Networking

Start by identifying the investors you want to do business with. Once you have identified them, start getting in good with their contacts.

Follow the 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint

Basically, this rule states that your presentation should only be 10 slides, last no more than 20 minutes and use a font that is at least 30 point.

Be Compelling

If you’re passionate, sincere, and honest, investors will see that. They’ll notice you’re an individual who truly believes in what you’re selling.  And that makes you compelling.

Prove That You’ve Done Your Homework

Pull out the facts and figures that illustrate that there’s an actual market for your idea. Mention the competition and what makes you different.

Be Realistic

Provide and present accurate information in a plan that includes the most important drivers for revenue.

Don’t Get Fooled

One such trick question would be asking if they could hire a CEO at some point, or whether you see yourself as the long-term CEO. A response like, “I want to build a great company and am willing to step aside,” should impress them.



Reprinted by permission.

Image credit: CC by Marta Sanchez

About the author: Jason Feimster

Jason is an early-stage investor, entrepreneur, and Marine. He believes in entrepreneurship and its ability to improve the human condition. Jason is dedicated to serving entrepreneurs with angel investing and venture capital.

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