Why Mobile Gambling Will Drive Online Casino Revenues into the Future



If you have to think of five things you would take with you on a deserted island, we bet that your smartphone would probably be the first thing to come to your mind. Even though you probably won’t be able to use it on a deserted island, this social experiment perfectly reflects the modern society in which people cannot imagine themselves without their phone or tablet. Knowing this, it’s probably easy to understand how mobile gambling has become the next big thing in the online casino industry.

If you visit sites that review gaming operators such as, for example, topaussiecasinos.co, you will find numerous mobile gaming-related offers. For instance, the bonus sections often feature exclusive mobile deposit bonuses, free spins at AU mobile casinos or double loyalty points for playing on a mobile device. This is a sign that the market share mobile gaming is holding is constantly growing and operators and experts are well aware of it. Thus, by making online casino games available virtually everywhere and at any given time, the online casino industry could expect its revenues to grow faster than ever.

Studies and researches have revealed impressive numbers when it comes to mobile gambling. For example, a research by Jupiter Research published back in December, 2013, had predicted that the number of mobile gambling users would reach 100 million by 2018. A bit newer study, conducted by GGY in 2015, focused on the Global Mobile Gambling Market 2015-2019 and predicted a 43% CAGR growth during the selected period, when it comes to total annual wagers. It should be noted that since December, 2013, over 100 mobile casinos have been operating worldwide and this number constantly improves.


If you wonder what all these numbers and reports show, the answer is simple; all of them highlight the undeniable potential mobile gambling has. Most importantly, they show that leading software providers and online casino operators have long ago recognized this potential and developed various strategies to make the most out of it. Therefore, with marketing campaigns, enhanced mobile gaming apps and carefully designed mobile casino bonuses, the number of mobile players at mobile friendly gaming destinations is boosted on regular basis.

In conclusion, even though online gambling is pretty successful as a separate sector as well, this industry will get a serious revenue boost thanks to the increasing number of mobile players. Playing on mobile devices not only has all the pros of regular online gaming, but also several benefits more.

For example, those playing on smartphones and tablets can visit their favourite casino regardless their location and play their favourite games as long as they have Internet connection. This is something only mobile friendly casino apps offer and therefore they are more likely to be preferred by online players that don’t want to be stuck at home in front of their desktop or laptop. Plus, mobile casinos are extremely easy to use and understand, while they offer all top picks by established providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech and BetSfot. Even the opportunity to hit a multimillion progressive jackpot is available to mobile players and, as a result, this segment surely won’t stop growing anytime soon.

Obviously, the fact that players can gamble on their mobile phones literary everywhere increases the time they can spend playing casino games as well as the amount of money they wager. Thus, the revenue of mobile gambling is bound to jump year after year and improve the overall global online casino revenue along the way.

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