Looking for a Technical Cofounder for Your Startup?



Many talented founders who have smart business models have a hard time finding a tech cofounder in communities where CTOs are scarce.

We’ve toured the major startup hubs, and have witnessed founders missing exciting opportunities simply because they could not find partners willing to help them build their MVPs.

We are convinced that helping promising founders get through the prototype-building phase will be the beginning of amazing things: good business models would get traction and attention from potential cofounders, incubators or investors, and technical talents would converge faster on these new poles of activity.

About Cofounder As a Service

We help non-technical founders get started on their product. We help founders build a minimum viable product and rapidly get it to market to test their hypotheses at minimum cost. We do so with a tailored leasing contract: founders can start work on their project with a 14-percent down payment, while the remaining sum is spread over 18 monthly installments. After six months, founders can opt to cancel their lease with no questions asked and all further payments forgiven. To keep the founders’ cash investments low, we ask for a small stake in each startup.

For a select few startups, we deliver our service payment free in exchange of equity for services rendered.

We work with a select group of startups and are completely invested in the projects we take on. While building the product is our main focus, it’s our pleasure to further assist our first-time founders by connecting them with mentors and offering business assistance.

What We Do

We provide product development service while playing a technical cofounder role for smart startup companies that are not only looking to build their product at low cost but are also looking to work with a team with startup expertise, bring the product to market faster, get access to a team with right technical skills, gain phenomenal return with little risk.


  1. Build your product at a low cost
  2. Work with a team with startup expertise
  3. Bring the product to market faster
  4. Access to a team with right technical skills
  5. Gain phenomenal return with little risk




Reprinted by permission.

Image credit: CC by Ben Werd

About the author: Jason Feimster

Jason is an early-stage investor, entrepreneur, and Marine. He believes in entrepreneurship and its ability to improve the human condition. Jason is dedicated to serving entrepreneurs with angel investing and venture capital.

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