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The digital revolution has represented a huge number of changes in the way that companies can communicate with their customers, partners and suppliers. It’s also completely transformed the sorts of messages that they can spread.

One of the earliest ways that many businesses sought to exploit this sea change was in the introduction of a blog to their website. When they first started appearing online blogs were mainly restricted to individuals who wanted to talk about a particular hobby or interest and before very long the appeal of using them for more business-like reasons became clear.

That’s because a blog allows a business to initiate communication in almost any way that they want, to go into a level of detail that would be almost impossible to achieve in any other medium and to give the reader the impression that they are being privy to the sort of information they simply wouldn’t receive elsewhere.

In more recent times many businesses have changed their focus from producing regular blogs to believing they can’t prosper without more immediate social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat – but an equally wide number persist with blogs.

It’s generally agreed that some do this better than others and they tend to be the ones that pay close attention to the content and the form of their blogs. Essentially this means having a very clear idea about what will be relevant and interesting to their target audience and presenting it in an easily digestible format.

Many companies are held up as prime examples of getting it right and a case in point is the 888casino blog. They decided to implement a blog onto their site in order to provide better player experience and extended times on the casino which eventually translates into an improved average Lifetime Value of each player. The Lifetime Value is an incredibly important metric for online betting operators as it calculates an aggregate value for each customer based on how much they spend, how long they are active for and how often they return for each session in the casino.

As one of the leading online casinos and part of the highly-regarded 888 Holdings the company already has both a stature in the industry and millions of players worldwide. These range from people who just play on the slots once or twice a week to semi-professionals making a very reasonable living from online gaming.

Where the 888casino blog shows its real strength is by having content to appeal to every kind of player and going into just the right level of detail for each one. For example you’ll find relatively simple blogs comparing online and real slots for the occasional player alongside exceptionally detailed pieces which go for a unique approach of educating their players and thus improve their user experience. The blog contains the most comprehensive casino guides such as “The Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide”. 888casino have also a great AP Heat part of their blog which covers advantage play written with the well-known Eliot Jacobson Ph.D. Using authority speakers is a great way to build up a knowledge centre for customer and with 888 you can expect to find pieces by highly respected experts like John Grochowski, Frank Scoblete, Eliot Jacobson Ph.D, Bob Dancer, Nicholas Colon and many more.

Tools are also a great asset to a blog and with these tools comes great interactivity with the customer who can then try these out and feel immersed and entertained for a short while. These tend to be informational such as the Card Counting tool which helps players learn how to count cards and how the system works. It acts as an informational mini-game that the customer may then want to try out when playing for real money.

In the years that the blog has been running it has grown to become an indispensable reference and news source that not only gives advice but also analyses trends and then presents the information in a way that is easy to find and refer to. Naturally, other casino sites have tried to emulate the 888casino blog but none have quite managed to equal it for either content or structure.

So, like many other business blogs that really do boast “best in class” credentials, expect to see it continuing for many years to come.




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